Friday, October 10, 2008


Time passed very fast,and in a blink of eye, one week is over, the whole week is boring, there's nothing to do at my new company.

yea yea yea,complain complain complain, I complain a lot, who doesn't? Now that I am free, I complain I got nothing to do and the clock is ticking real slow, n future when I am busy until OT everyday, I wish that I can go back to time where I am free until I read the policy until I sleep.

I do complain a lot hor??

well, new colleagues are nice and friendly, my Head is still okay, my Head's Head is not bad, our unit is so quiet because only two of us report for duty =.=, the rest might report for duty before the end of month...

the best part of the job is,




memang best~

hopefully all the new colleagues will report for duty next week~~if not Ceres , Kathy and I are going to die because of boredom~~~~

9:13 PM

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Selamat Hari Raya~~!!!

Yesterday, we (Lipas, Joan & Edison) ate steamboat at our place. We prepared everything by ourselves, of course macam biasa girls do all the preparing and the guys just sit at the sofa waiting to be fed...

Joan bought majority of the food from Tesco, and yesterday morning we woke at about 8 something just to go to the pasar to buy food that cannot be found in supermarkets.

I admit and I already can predict that I am not going to be a good wife or a good mother in future as I only cook lousy food and I hate pasar, hmm, maybe I am the only girl who has this kind of problem??? kau kei larrr...

well, it end up that we estimated wrongly, the food that we bought was a lot more than we expected, so we just can finish half of the food and the rest ---> put back into the refrigerator and next time cook along with maggie...

how to say? Prepare the steamboat by our own and eating steamboat at outside..which to choose??Of course , makan steamboat di luar better la, first of all, it saves a lot of time,energy,& manpower. I memang lazy, so I guessed that I learnt my lesson from this experience,it's tiring~~~~

After steamboat, Lipas and I went to Genting * Evon's second hometown*, meet up with Billy and others then masuk casino.....

shit! the guard stopped me and checked my IC, should I be happy ? Happy because they think that I am still underage?..or should I be sad? Sad cause I still look like a kiddo...dim gai?

Bet and lose....Lipas said that he can never win Uncle Lim's money..I agree with him, he is really bad luck lar....

Reached Kl around 3am, took a shower and sleep until 9 in the morning.

well, that's life...

2:44 PM

Monday, September 29, 2008


This morning I went to XXX Bank for medical check up, so when i reached there, the HR gave me a letter and a map to show me where the checkup will be conducted.

So, after all the instructions she gave me, then off i go to that place.

So i took a taxi to that place, and this is the conversation between me and the driver.

Taxi Driver= Uncle


Me:" Uncle, ngor yiu hui li dou * show him the map" , Lei sik mou?" [uncle, i want to go to this place, you know where is it located?]

Uncle : " Kepong??????"

Me:" Ng hai lar, Jalan I***" [no la, jalan i***]

Uncle :" Lei gong hou lei ma, ngor yi wai lei yiu hui Kepong" * I never tell him I want to go Kepong* [ You say properly ma, I thought that you want to go to Kepong]

Me:"oh. ng hai la...*smile smile* " [ la]

Uncle : " Lei yiu hui bin dou?" [where you want to go?]

Me:"Ng yiu hui hospital do medical checkup" [ I want to go to hospital for medical checkup]

Uncle:" orh.."

Me:" *smile smile*"

Uncle :" Lei yau dan si beng ar?" [ You got love sick?]

Me:" hai la, hui gim char" [, no la, need to do medical check up]

Uncle :" orh..ngor yi wai lei yau dan si beng tim, bat kor tai lei kor yeong ying goi ng hai lar...kaka..." [ orh..i thought you are having love sick tim, but, i dont think you dont have bf lar]

Me: " ngor yau lam pang yau..."[ I ada teman lelaki]


then i looked at the meter and took out my wallet...

Uncle :" ei, lei kor lou gong arrr?" [Your husband ar?]

Me:"=.=, ngor jung hau sang, mei kit fun, nah, byebye" [I'm still very young, belum kahwin, nah, byebye]

I dont know why i answered him that time...=.=

I get off the car as fast as I can.

My dear god, he is almost the same age as my grandpa..and he still want to "liew" a kiddo like me??? Or, he is trying to hunt girls to become his grandchildren? Impossible lar...

I signed the offer letter and called my mum, she said ask me to sms her after my first day, just to confirm that i really got the job... =.=|||||||||||

dear Lord~~

4:16 PM

Friday, September 26, 2008

♥What if Snoopy -->KumaKuma♥

I received all these pictures from LaiMei,.....erm, I am not a big fan of Snoopy ,and the only person i know who loves Snoopy until die is Vanessa.

sheeshhh, why I do not receive any pictures about tortoises?

Imagine, all the Snoopy-s being transformed into kuma-kuma tortoise!!!! Wonderfullllll....

I should do things like these, "build" a house for my kumakuma...

Kumakuma, I'll definately give u your own room if I am a billionaire.

If I am a businesswoman, I'll open "KumaKuma Noodle House"

FYI, KumaKuma = tortoise = my "dai tau guai [big head tortoise]"

4:32 PM


okay, I should be happy about this..I AM HIRED BY XXX BANK...the pay is good....

i know, even if i hate the job very much I also have to work at least for a year!!!...

No play play this time....

Hopefully I have great colleagues and challenging tasks!!!!

12:26 PM

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

♥Lappie T.T♥

It's kinda weird to post this but I wanted to do so to remember I HAD this accompanied with me for two months, the memory between IT and I remains in a tiny spot inside my heart.

The thing which I wanted the most and was given by my daddy, but it's all my mistake for not taking good care of it, I learnt my lesson, next time I'll be smart.

Some of you might think, "ceh, it's not so expensive what, buy another one la, thought you lost Toshiba Lappie or Sony's d"....

Excuse me, I am not a rich man's daughter..Even though if I am, I don't care about those, what really matters is that the lappie was given by my DADDYY!!! It's irreplaceable~

Sadness!!! Blogging about this won't change anything, I just want to curse that fucker until the day i die..

Intend to buy a new one, but will take quite some time for me to realize this dream.

Chatted with a net friend, he bought a White Vaio, and he is very happy about it.

Then , I went googled it, check out about Vaio, indeed it's very nice, but the price also X.X......

Haihz, can see but cannot touch....hou sien arrrr

1:40 PM

Sunday, September 14, 2008

♥Long time no see♥

fyi, i am still alive.

Time passed so fast, I resigned my job ..yes, I am jobless now.

I already been to a few interviews, but the job which I wanted the most haven't call me yet, hopefully they will hire me.....

A lot of things happened lately,let me list down the important incidents.

1. My laptop (2 months old) gone. Sadness, I'll kill that fucker if the police manage to catch him.

2. Resigned my job. Sayornara TGS. David, thank
s for the chocolate.

3. Convocation. Officially graduated.

4. Jin Kak group members all being taken. Caryn, congratz!!!

5. My first yogo experience. I need to think twice whether I will attend the second class or not.

6. Phoebe's new hairstyle. Dear, you are so cute.

3:49 PM

Friday, June 20, 2008


yes, i know, it's been a while...err..i mean ages i did not update my blog...

a million apologiesssssss!!!! my bad...

i am working now and also at the same time i am still searching for a better job.

i hate to take lrt to work, but i have to as this is the only public transport i can get to my company...and saya sudah biasa.... life is very very very simple and plain now, and honestly i dont like it, it is far a lot different than what i had expected, is it my problem or some other reason..i dont know

i just wish i can live like how a 22year old person live...not like 40 year old...its just so not me..


the time i update my blog again might the the turning point in my miserable life now...wakakaka...

to be continued........

9:04 PM

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